Coding Valley is Singapore’s top-notch coding academy for kids whose principles are built on providing Singapore’s young generation an arsenal of knowledge and skill set that will give them a competitive edge in today’s technological era. We follow a highly competent and broad-spectrum curriculum that is designed to foster our students’ creativity and unleash their potentials as creators and innovators of the future. At Coding Valley, we take our classes very seriously that is why our learning environments encourage inquiry, curiosity, and critical thinking as well as experiential learning. Kids, after all, learn best through experience and encouragements.

Robot Pointing


Our coding and robotics classes for kids place emphasis on providing our students a comprehensive grasp on the key concepts of coding and robotics while the same time cultivating their logical reasoning, computational thinking, and problem-solving skills. Nurturing these skills at a young age is beneficial in only not your kid’s academic aspect but life in general.

We at Coding Valley are highly passionate in providing a well-rounded education that empowers Singapore’s young generation of learners to be leaders in their own rights, that’s why we’re always excited to share our love and passion for coding to the young generation. Join us and invest in your kid’s future success.

Consider building the future of your children by equipping them with our programming for kids curriculum.
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