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Most people think programming is something very difficult and complex. We aim to break this myth with our coding classes for kids!  Coding Valley, the leading school teaching coding for kids, is changing this perception in this digital age with its programming for kids curriculum.

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The coding classes for kids are being supervised by the best programmers in the software programming industry. They are trained to connect with the children on several levels. The classes are specifically designed to suit the capacity of the children suited for their present age. The children learn gradually and according to their own capacity.

The instructors are committed to make learning an adventure for each child in the coding classes. What most people would perceive as mathematically and logically difficult and impossible for children is something that Coding Valley is prepared to hurdle. We make your children’s experience something that is not only worthwhile but something that will give them life skills. Be it creating simple games with Scratch, or using more complex programming languages like HTML, CSS and Python, your child will enjoy our computer lessons!


There are numerous advantages that children can gain from learning robotics programming at an early age. The course allows children to exercise helpful disciplines that will prepare them greatly for future challenges in life. Not only that, it is also known to inspire kids to become more creative and out-of-the-box thinkers. Additionally, they most definitely will have fun along the way.

Develops Problem Solving Skills

1. Develops problem-solving skills.

Children develop analytic skills to be able to come up with a program that will actually work and give them positive output. Whenever they encounter a wall during programming, they do not stop there but find ways to improve their work.

Furthermore, coding helps children develop initiative and teaches them to become more involved. They also become more inquisitive and interested in the tasks that they need to accomplish. Studies show that children who start learning coding at an early age develop new bodies of knowledge as they mature.

Teaches the New Language

2. Teaches the new language of the world.

This present generation thrives on digital technology and its many benefits. Those who start to learn coding at a very early age will be able to use this skill when they become adults and start making a living.

Interestingly, your child will not have a hard time finding a job because of the one-of-a-kind skills he possesses. The need for programmers each year increases as our technology advances.

Additionally, it teaches children to become more up-to-date and armed with the appropriate knowledge to maximize the available technology of their generation.

IT Builds the Character

3. It builds character.

Programming helps children develop patience, perseverance and an attitude of never giving up easily until the task is done. It also fuels their creativity and develops their imagination. Moreover, children develop an appreciation of hard work at a very early age.

 IT Builds Computational Thinking

4.It builds computational thinking.

In Coding Valley, we teach your children to be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas in a logical and structured manner. We develop this by teaching them the step-by-step process in coming up with a program that truly works. In this curriculum, your children will strengthen their logic, mathematics skills and algorithm development abilities.

Consider building the future of your children by equipping them with our programming for kids curriculum.
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