7 Things To Look For In A Good Coding Class

Parents considering sending their kids to coding classes for kids in Singapore are often not sure how to choose the right one for them and their child. To add to the confusion, some coding classes are targeted at both adults and kids. It is hence important to have a good checklist to determine what is a good coding class for kids and what is not. Here are some things to consider.

Are the classes designed in a student-oriented manner?

It takes a special overlap of talents to create a unique coding for kids class that will keep kids interested and still be educational. The best coding classes out there strike the right cord by hiring creative and firebrand tutors who are highly experienced and can combine their experience in the world of coding with igniting interest in students. Such tutors are familiar with how kids learn and are knowledgeable of the most up-to-date syllabus for teaching coding.

Does the coding class allow for parental involvement?

Many programming school and coding camps do not consider parental involvement a very important factor.This is, in our opinion, a big mistake. It is the coding school’s job to pull parents in and help them understand what they can do. The more your kid’s coding school involves parents, the better the kids will behave and perform in class. Many parents want to know what’s going on in their child’s coding classes but have no way of figuring out how to do this. A school that stresses keeping parents “in the know” is taking the right approach, as parents are informed about their child’s strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis.

Do they have a good reputation?

Before you choose a coding class, take a moment and simply Google search the coding school you’re considering. What do reviewers say about them? What do the kids have to say about them? It is likely unreasonable to find a school that’s never had a negative review but if you see the same complaint over and over again then it is likely that the school you are considering is not actually the right fit after all, and has serious problems.

Do they make learning fun or is it a chore?

Notably, coding teachers should be aware when teaching kids coding that most kids are naturally drawn to programming because of their natural love for technology. Kids, especially young ones, are easily drawn to bright, flashy things such as video games and technology. All of this create a love of coding pretty easily. Unfortunately, some coding classes for kids tend to rely too heavily on instruction and rote learning rather than hands-on instruction. Good coding schools always strive to keep kids involved and make it as fun as possible so they will look forward to coming attending their next coding class

Are they value for money?

Teaching your kid to code can be one of the best investments you ever make. With most jobs now relying heavily on technology, teaching your kids the basics of coding is a great idea in itself. Secondly, kids who learn coding usually have better self esteem, are known to have self-confidence, improved problem-solving abilities, and also enhanced critical thinking skills.

If you have any questions about your kid’s coding classes, it is vital that you reach out to the school. Some coding school will offer both group classes and self-pacing options and are always willing to help your child find their love of coding. When you locate such a good coding school, try to work in tandem with them in the all-important job of tutoring your kids on the rudiments of programming.

Does teamwork exist among the teachers?

Even in the best of learning arena, there will be teachers who do not want to share with others. They will be the ones who get to school in the morning, close themselves in their room and don’t come out except for mandatory meetings. If the majority of the teachers at your kid’s coding school do this, steer clear. Look for a quality coding school that strives to create an atmosphere where teachers want to share with each the kids. This should be something the school and all of its leadership strive to enforce. However, this might be a harder factor to tell, so it is not extremely important.

Where lies their focus; Student-Centered or Otherwise?

To be truly effective, a coding school must create a system of core values that the entire staff shares. To do this, she needs to involve the students, teachers, and staff. A common theme to each of the core values should be a student-centered view of education. When a decision is made in the school, the first thought should always be: “What’s best for the students?” When everyone shares this belief, infighting will lessen and the school can focus on the business of teaching codes to your kids.