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Computer literacy is a must in this fast-paced digital era. It is no longer just another skill you may want to consider on your to-do list, it is a must no matter what industry you foresee your child to be in professionally in the future. At Coding Valley, we offer the best computer courses from both basic to advanced classes.

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Our computer classes in Singapore equip students with the basic computer literacy skills that are needed in order to be able to make basic letters, reports and presentations with the use of different tools available in this present generation. We completely understand the demand that is available out there for skilled workers who can make use of our current technology in order to contribute to a company’s goals and objectives.

Computer related courses are one of the most in demand anywhere in the world because of how so many industries around the world are driven by the use of technology. From engineering breakthroughs, scientific studies, marketing platforms, to tourism, computers have become such a helpful tool to keep people connected and productive.


Clearly, it is unthinkable if you are not well versed with basic computer functions in this day and age. Imagine what kind of technological advancements your children of today will be enjoying in the next couple of years. At Coding Valley, we fully comprehend what the demands will be in the near future where it concerns new players in the area of engineering, design, tourism, food business, manufacturing, and medicine to mention a few.

If you want your children to have a competitive edge, it is best to start them early with their computer education by availing one of our computer courses. Our instructors are dedicated and friendly. We value building relationships with out students believing that we can teach them lifelong skills that they can take with them when they leave the confines of our reputable institution.

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Computers are present in any work environment today. Whether your child will go into his personal business or start out as an employee someday, one edge that he can carry with him is the ability to use a computer productively.

    1. It gives a person a huge advantage.
    2. It allows an individual to communicate electronically across several platforms on the Internet.
    3. It equips people to utilize different applications and programs that help greatly in an organization. This may be in the form of data publishing, social media management, online marketing, preparation of varied documents and presentations, and date storage to mention a few.
    4. It prepares a person technically for potential job promotions in the workplace. While the computer is only a machine, the proper use of it can contribute greatly in advancing a business. It is a tool that helps organizations grow themselves on a global scale.
    5. It will prepare a person for the future. This present generation will definitely witness the birth of more advanced computers in the future and what better way to prepare your children than to invest in their computer education today?

The computer courses in Coding Valley are guaranteed to give your children the competencies they will need as employees and leaders in their respective organizations someday. We take the education of our children very seriously and we are committed to delivering the best kind of service known here in Singapore.

Consider building the future of your children by equipping them with our programming for kids curriculum.
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