10 Areas Of Robot Usage That Kids Should Know About

I get questions every day from parents, asking how important robotics classes for kids are, and how important they are to the overall development of their kid, versus their being a negative distraction to kids. Often, I find myself frustrated as I end up writing pages after pages of articles on the pros and cons of robots . There was one occasion where I asked a parent: “how would you feel to get everything done just the way you want?” He failed to give a satisfying answer. I must state that it sounds mechanical to have everything work just as you desire, but over the years it’s been done in many ways.

Recently, the robots are and will remain the answer to all our questions hence kids should be allowed the opportunity to explore it in its entirety. Here is why:

A robot is basically a machine that is operated by computer programs. The robot is one of the supreme inventions of technology in our modern age. Robots are available in many shapes with multiple features. Ranging from toys to large complex devices, you can find many types of robots. Robots are shaped with a purpose to perform different actions which can either be controlled manually or through a remote. In this modern era of technology, people find the role of a robot to be quite useful in businesses, hospitals, research firms and even in academic fields. Robots make the working process faster and more accurate.

What the experts say:

A well-programmed robot can easily replace a human in terms of completing jobs that are a bit risky for humans to complete. Many people think that robots are responsible for increasing unemployment rates as they have replaced workers in many operational areas. Robots are also being brought into practice to assist in handling many working processes for cars and surgical materials. The involvement of a robot in the work process not only shape things faster but also save costs. There are plenty of such works that are very hazardous and time-restrictive and the use of robots can help to get these works done safely and timely. In factories and industrial sites, robots perform particular operations automatically. A well-maintained robot has proven to perform longer than humans.

A small plastic or metallic robot can be a handy gift for your kids, and this might be given to them on their birthday commemorations. Not only will your kids love a robotic gift, some specialized robots can aid your child in language development, social interaction and learning process. A robot depending upon the purpose, a heavy or light metal can be used for shaping other robots. The core different parts that ensure the accurate functionality of a robot are its sensory parts, the programs (coding parts) and the lasers, wheels and motor components. Robots and their very indispensable roles are not only seen in the manufacturing sector, but they are equally useful in helping people out of mishaps, surgeries and more. Also to be considered are robots that aid accident recovery victims and convalescences.

Considering the wide range of its operations, the robot is really an integral piece of equipment. Starting from being a learning tool to being a device that handles research work in the medical sciences, in entertainment, and as a matter of fact, everywhere. Though these machines can’t directly interact with humans, they have become key helping hands for human beings. Well, there are a lot more to be said, but you must by now be convinced that your kids need them and deserve very effective robotics classes for kids.

Here’s our top ten list of cool robots.

  • Outer Space Robots: Kids must be meant to know about outer space robots which are robotic arms controlled by human beings to load off the docking cove of outer-space shuttles during satellites launches. Outer space robots are also programmed to build space station stations.
  • Home Safety: Robotics classes for kids do not leave out robotic systems that are programmed to note the safety level of a home, ecological circumstances, and energy consumption. With the help of robots, door & windows can be locked or unlocked and electrical devices such as bulbs and air conditioners can be pre-programmed to turn on or off.
  • Robots for Exploration: Robots can enter the environments that are injurious to human beings. Robots today are also programmed to study and dictate future natural occurrences. Landmine dictators are also good examples of these.
  • Military Robots: These include drones used for close monitoring of the modern armed force. Technological research is at top gear and may see the inventions of robotic aircraft and automobiles which could be employed to transmit petroleum, bullets, bombs or clear minefields.

There are also…

  • Agricultural Robots: These are robotic machines designed and implemented to harvest farm products. They plant seeds, fumigate, and weed the farm and also can cut and collect crops, nourish and milk Cattles etc.
  • The Car Industry Robots: Car manufacturers employ the use of robots to execute numerous tasks during the manufacturing & assembling procedure. Such robots do sort, cut, weld, lift, paint and bend car metal parts.
  • Food Industry: The food processing industry also has robots that see the trimming, cutting, and processing of different types of meats like chicken, beef, fish, lamb, etc.
  • Medical Robots: The medical world is also feeling the wave of robotic ‘invasion’. There are robots that can allow nurses lift patients without injuring or contaminating any part of their body.
  • Disaster Areas: Today, there are robots built with very active sensory equipment. Such robots are designed to work in very dangerous environments such earthquakes affected areas, painting or cleaning out tall walls etc.
  • Entertainment: There are also very intelligent and very socially interactive robots that are used in the entertainment industry. Such robots are programmed to aid in music or movie production processes.

Want to see more cool robots? Here’s a link. You’ll thank us.