7 Places Kids Can Learn About Robotics


It is a unique fact in our world today that robotics for kids are helping to bring to the fore a potential shift in children’s social and learning parts of their lives. This comes from knowledge transmission to that of exploration, teamwork, and creativity. This hence enables educators and technologists to better address common frustrations that children encounter in the learning process.

Naturally, kids are attracted to robots due to its ambiguous nature, relative autonomy, and unique build. Robots have a way of being that is alien and surprising yet, at the same time, familiar enough to be recognizable, and endearing enough to be made friends with. Robots are almost human like, capturing our imagination and are treated differently than inert objects; from transitional objects, they become alter egos. Your kid’s love for robots is the image of humanity’s endless quest for renewed identity.
To this effect, there are places where your kids can learn robotics which are very suitable robotics classes for kids. Below are some the exceptional places?

In Your Community

If your kids want to learn more about electronics, but you’re not ready to buy supplies just yet, try a course or workshop in your community. More and more organizations are offering easy ways for kids to learn play and create.


Many libraries now offer robotics and electronics workshops and courses for kids and adults. Check your local library’s website or ask a librarian for more details.

After-School Clubs

Your kids’ school may have a robotics club or may be willing to bring in an outside organization to run programs for students. Talk to a teacher, principal or other parents to see what’s available.

Makerspace Workshops

Is there a makerspace or hacklab in your community? Makerspaces are community-oriented workspaces where people who are interested in making stuff can gather, socialize and collaborate.
Try searching for one and see if it offers any kid-specific workshops (you may even be able to find a kids-only makerspace, like MakerKids in Toronto).

Join a Challenge

FIRST Robotics Canada holds challenges across the country where teams of kids as young as 6 can research a real-world problem and build a motorized model using LEGO parts to explain what they’ve discovered. While Singapore is still currently in the midst of developing their robotics scene, especially robotics for kids,
Joining a team challenge can help kids “recognize that all team members have different strengths and [do] different things to contribute” says Peggy Scott, a coordinator at FIRST.

Find Inspiration Online

If you and your kids are ready to tackle some robotics projects on your own, you can search for inspiration online! There are hundreds of free and paid tutorials, many of which cater to kids and families.
Makezine.com offers hundreds of maker projects with photos and instructions. You can sort the projects by type (like robotics or wearables) and difficulty level.

DIY.org is an online community for kids to connect with each other and to learn lots of new skills. DIY.org organizes projects under skill patches (like astronaut, printmaker and toy maker).
Check out sites like Circuit Bender, Bitster, Fabric Hacker, Sensor Hacker and Hardware Hacker for experiments that teach kids about robotics.

Here’s Some Features of Great Robotics Learning Environments for Kids

Simple to use, empowers teachers
Good robotics learning environment for kids and an educator-friendly platform includes everything your kids need to get the class up and running in minutes. No need for prior knowledge in the field. No need for extra courses or books.

Direct visual feedback
Good robotics learning environment for kids make available real programs which bring about some sort of immediate results! This way your kids can incrementally improve their solution until Robots does what they want. Debugging for kids has never been easier.

An Attractive learning environment, engaging, fun to do!
Our own experience and that of teachers all over the world learns that Robotics for kids Academy will keep your kids captivated for the whole duration of the course.

Trusted by hundreds of Other Users
Look at reviews by other users. They will show how good or bad a certain robotics learning environment for kids is.Positive reviews that tend to prove that such platform is used by tens of thousands of kid students with an excellent end result are definitely more trustworthy.

Especially safe for young children
The site does not collect overly intrusive data about you or your child.

There’s loads to learn
While your kids go through the robotic classes, they will slowly grasp all the details of robotics programming and acquire insight into the power of logical coding. Not only that, but your kids also get hold of how a large problem can be solved by very simple and easily broken down approaches.
With robotic programming, kids learn how automation of repetitive tasks, the transformation of perceptions into actions all of which result in smart results.

Other Benefits:

A robotics class for kids seeks to understand kids’ learning abilities and the identification of common challenges in the training process where robots could offer them assistance like:
• Makes the academic pacing a lot more personalized to each kid with intelligent, interactive technologies that feel genuinely “human” in most aspects.
• Creates a more patient and accepting learning atmosphere by aiding technology with its limitless time and hyper-excellent expertise.
• leveraging kids’ “relevance filter” to emphasize to them the importance of gaining certain kinds of knowledge, with the help of technology or without
• Offers opportunities for kids to learn in ways that feel more like play. This involves active involvement and explorations, open-ended projects that also involve web technologies and activities which are increasingly valuable for developing internet-age competencies.